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Looking back over the past months there have been some slivers of light to come out of the darkness.
One of those golden rays has been our essential healthcare workers. Across the world from London to New York, people have stood and cheered them on. We have watched doctors, exhausted and exasperated online trying to explain the virus and how to say safe. We have seen their anonymous faces behind masks and visors, sweaty and courageous in the face of a pandemic like none in living memory.  
So with the shuttering of shops and closing of swim schools, with a travel ban and cancelled markets, our little swimwear business slowed right down to online only. So with a little time on our hands [between home schooling and virtual meetings] we turned our attention to a not-for-profit charitable organisation to sew scrubs for healthcare heroes in response to Covid-19.
The reason for sewing scrubs is to allow frontline workers to have enough workwear to wash after every shift. Thus, reducing the risk of potential transmission, by only wearing the scrubs in the workplace and changing into civilian clothing for travelling to and from work.
On the few occasions that I’ve been in hospital, namely to the maternity ward I’ve always noticed the scrubs, often brightly coloured and fun, remembering particularly a bright red chilli pattern and a Winni the Pooh print worn by the midwife. Reassuringly, brightening up an otherwise scary and unfamiliar environment.
The messages of thanks and appreciate that we have received from our small contribution to the enormous effort put in by our healthcare heroes, has been truly humbling.
If you would like to donate or learn more head to Rona Scrubs.