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Wouldn’t it be great if the first lesson of the day in primary school was yoga and meditation?

When my children’s primary school introduced this there was a little scepticism from the parents and a little reluctance from the kids too. But the teachers persevered, it started to have so many surprising results not only were the children able to focus and settle down into the days routine quicker, but the effects rolled into the rest of the days achievements.

The busy world that we live in means that our children’s days are often started with a “hurry-up let’s go!” Into busy traffic and a noisy environment, trying to get everything ready for the day and not forgetting anything, plus the distraction of devices, there is a lot to processes even for the most organised of us. Yoga for children can help counter the stresses of the day, with lessons, sports, and socialising at playtime.

By teaching breathing exercises and relaxation techniques in the first 15 minutes of the morning, it creates a stress circuit breaker and brings a new rhythm to the day. These techniques can later be called on at bedtime to bring peace and a sense of wellbeing before bed.

It has been shown to boost self-esteem and by practicing simple balance and flexibility gives young children a sense of personal empowerment and personal space. It is truly grounding and soon the kids begin to love this start to the day, not wanting to miss it!

Yoga and meditation impart discipline as kids work on clearing the mind and achieving the poses. It has shown to reduce challenging behaviour in the classroom with children who find it harder to sit still and remain on task.

There are so many great resources to practice while we home school. We recommend Kids Yoga Dice and Yoga Cards to get your started at home. There are also countless resource online for fun Yoga games and free classes.

Happy little yogi's make happy little people!