Our Promise

We decided right from conception that we would follow an ethical and sustainable fashion business model. Driven by our curiosity and constant research into the circular economy and a greener fashion footprint we want to make you this promise.

“To do our very best to care for our customers and our world. To have the courage to pursue our values and to do our utmost to provide transparency in everything we do. To always believe in the wonder of creativity and the pricelessness of imagination”.

At Tyoub we are visual creatures and so we’ve created this diagram to let you see our strategy to reduce, reuse, recycle.



As part of this promise we would like to ask that you return your Tyoub swimwear to us as part of our take back offer.

Our mission is to reduce landfill by keeping all our products in circulation. You can be part of this solution by either handing outgrown swimmers to friends or younger siblings, or if they have been well worn and loved simply post them back to us.

We will reward you with a 20% discount code on your next purchase.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to know more or have any thoughts on how we can improve and be more environmentally friendly.