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H-2-Woah! Bath and snack time winners for little tykes!!

We love a great bath toy because we know that water education begins way before your baby ever has their first swimming lesson or dip in the pool. That’s why we were super excited to see that our friends over at We Might Be Tiny have introduced a brand new and unique bath book to their range.

Shop the Bath Book from We Might Be Tiny linked here.

"Bath toys are a great distraction, especially for children who have a fear of water."

The Bath Book Sea Animals is held together with chunky silicone rings and the silicone pages have textured animals, great for developing fine motor skills. This is the perfect way to ease your baby into the wonderful world of adventure that water offers.
Baby bathing in bath tub with water splashing and bubbles in his hair.
Here are a few good reasons why we love We Might Be Tiny! They make an art of distracting kids doing everyday things, like eating and meal prep  and bathing – which as a mum of three fussy girls I know can quickly escalate into meal and evening time mayhem.  

A Well Fed Child is More Relaxed In and Out of the Water

What we choose to feed our our kids directly affects not only their growth, but also their energy levels, their resistance to disease, their moods and their ability to concentrate. A well-nourished child is less anxious and more confident, in and out of the water and in the classroom.

We have a huge influence on our child’s lifetime of eating habits and food choices, which are formed in the first 5 years of life. It’s impossible for any child or adult to eat healthily 100% of the time, especially when you can’t always dictate what’s on the menu, at parties, cafes and play dates. But by being prepared we can reduce the temptation and convenience of fast food.

Fun, functional containers and food preparation is the key, as well as allowing them to make food choices and helping pack the snacks themselves. It also makes them anticipate all the yummy food and know what’s to come in their little snack box. The reward of delayed gratification in a cute container.
Baby with big eyes and wavy hair, wearing a white bib eats spaghetti with tomato sauce

Miss and Mr Independent by One Years Old

By a year old most toddler will essentially be eating the same as everyone else in the family, albeit softer, mashed, less salty and hot spices, with a slow introduction to new foods that could trigger allergic reactions.

Common Allergens for Children

  • eggs
  • nuts
  • dairy
  • wheat
  • soy
  • shellfish

 This is also a time when silverware doesn’t really feature and finger food is a must, but a cute little spoon with a good grip makes a fierce weapon in the highchair. Stickie bowls and silicone fork and spoon sets are a good cutlery choice. The bath book can also be used at the table as it can be put in the dish washer.

Wondering What To Feed Your Toddler Before Swimming?

I would recommend avoiding dairy before a swim, as it is mucus forming (think snotty nose) and hard to digest, rather opt for mashed or sliced banana or stewed apple chunks with a little cinnamon. Soaked sun-dried raisins and grated pear is also a good option for little ones.

After any activity children are thirsty and offering a good drink of water is an absolute must, fill up the sippy cup or offer the parched little tykes a Tubies silicone push up icy pole mould, Calippo style, freeze them with fresh fruit, juice and yoghurt.

vegetables for toddlers diced into bite size pieces and baby puree

One shouldn’t overlook the humble sandwich and the multitude of fillings, here are some delicious and nutritious options:

  • Tuna mashed with Philadelphia cream cheese
  • Hummus – yum with roasted pumpkin and zucchini slices
  • Avo with sliced tomato and lettuce
  • Cottage cheese and sweetcorn
  • Vegemite and cucumber or shredded lettuce
  • Almond butter (peanut butter if allowed) and raspberry jam
 children eating sandwiches on the beach
Older Children can Nibble on the Following Mix
  • Raisins, sultanas and dried cranberries
  • mini rice cakes
  • raw cashews
  • chopped dates
  • banana chips
  • sunflower seeds and pepitas
  • Carob nibs or dark chocolate buttons
"There are so many recipes nowadays to inspire you and help you to establish healthy eating habits for your family."
Luckily, We Might Be Tiny also have ergonomically designed containers, made for easy meal prep, snack and storage and loads of recipe ideas too.
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