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Download, print out A4 black and white, and colour-in our crowns for the princes and princesses in your life!

I love to doodle and often draw a few of the shapes that I'm working with before selecting the one that feels right. 

For kids, it's a good way to create a little focus on one task for a short length of time and can be supervised without the adult having to be super involved. Show them how to grip a crayon or marker correctly and let their imagination and self expression flow. Call out the colours as they come to life on the page, it's good colour recognition and builds vocabulary.

There are so many benefits of colouring pages, I find it hard not to join in and start to doodle or "help" with a little detail here and there. It is actually very therapeutic and a great way to de-stress.

I'll keep loading this page with new designs of the next few weeks, so check back for more pages.