Our Story

Tyoub is an independent premium and sustainable swimwear brand based in Melbourne, Australia.

The brand is a place of happy innocence and creativity. The business exists to offer something different and essentially “cut for kids”! Our swimwear is designed by leading Australian pattern makers with years of industry experience. For us fit is crucial to comfort and wear-ability. We cut modest and clean lines to the correct body proportions for children. At Tyoub we know how children grow, and from our analysis of global measurement charts and having children of our own, we make swimwear for real children. We’ve discovered that if it doesn’t “feel” good on, then a child is not going to want to wear it for long!

Our fabrics are thoughtfully sourced for maximum recyclability. Our swimwear is literally made of 78% recycled nylon. It has been manufactured using advanced recycled techno-fabrics using mostly post-consumer materials, like PET bottles, old carpets and ghost fishing nets. Making this a sustainable and conscious part of the process that helps to clean up our world and oceans. Cleaning up the world one swimsuit at a time!

Happy Swimming!

Lisa xx 

Lisa founder at tyoub
Picture of Lisa in Daintree National Park, Queensland.