Swim Nappy User Guide

This is how it works, with elasticated leg opening and double gusset protection, no additional layer of disposable swim nappy is needed beneath the Tyoub Junior Champ Swim Nappy. It’s Eco Friendly – because you’re not contributing to landfill.

Tyoub swim nappy is super easy and quick to put on. It opens up completely and lays flat. Centre the baby in the swim nappy and firmly pull the back flaps around the tummy pressing the hook and loop tap closed against the wide tummy tape, to snugly fit the bubs waist.

Regardless of the baby’s tummy size the hook and loop waist closure ensure a prefect and exact waist measurement, without hundreds of snap stubs! Check the waistline for correct level, it should be just above baby’s belly button. Make sure that the tabs are firmly in place, then test for waistline tightness and a super snug fit especially at the centre back to contain any solids that might happen during the swim.

The adjustable front snap combination is used for an exact length in body rise, to perfectly fit a baby at any growth stage. This is a Multi-size swim nappy, one size fits most babies and you can use it for an extended period of time, up to 15kgs, without needing to purchase the next size up every 6 months as your baby grows. Babies grow on average 25cm in length and triple their birth weight in their first year of life!! Thank goodness this slows down quite a bit and by 2 years old they grow at a steady rate of about 6cm per year until the teenage growth spurt kicks in!

Always test for fit and tightness on the butt and thigh circumference. There should be no gaps or openings. But not so tight it may leave red pressure marks on chubby legs. We have found that by folding the excess fabric upwards when set to the smaller sizes using the front snaps, the leg and crutch fit snugly.

Laundry Tabs: Close the hook and loop tab before washing to stop lint build up.

Our water repellent fabric has no absorption therefore does not get waterlogged and heavy when wet and weigh the baby down giving your little swimmer a natural water experience.

Why has PUL been so successful as a waterproof barrier and swim nappy fabric?


PUL Swim Nappy

Neoprene Swim Pants

Fabric Specifications

Polyurethane Laminate waterproof and polyester lining

Synthetic rubber material for insulation, no lining

Stretch and flexibility

Cross grain stretch.

Fully flexible.

No stretch, with limited flexibility. Good shape retention.

Latex free







No - PUL is perfect for wearing in hot and humid climates.

Yes – good heat retention. The thicker the neoprene the warmer the suit,  excellent for cold water temperatures >22C degrees (>72F). 

UV protection



Worn alone


Recommended with additional disposable or cotton wrap layer underneath





Fold over elastic edging sealed

Flatlock – may let in water



Naturally buoyant – due to microscopic air bubbles.

Drying time

Fast, can be tumble dried on low.


slower / average – time will depend on thickness and pant can only be drip dried.

Easy clean

Rinse under running water, lightly agitate, polyester lining is stain and soil resistant. Cloth nappy enzyme detergent can be used. Machine washable

Wash in cold/tepid water, then soaked for approximately 20 minutes, use mild soap or wetsuit shampoo, scrub lightly and hang dry inside out and then reverse. Do no machine wash or tumble dry.





No smell such as ammonia, bacteria (stain and smells) or fungi (mould)

Can develop a persistent smell due to closed-cell structure of the material trapping proteins and fats from faecal matter.