Swim Nappy User Guide

This is how it works, with elasticated leg opening and double gusset protection, no other swim diaper is needed. It’s Eco Friendly – because you’re not contributing to landfill or the chemical/bleaching processes for manufacturing disposable diapers.

Tyoub Swim nappy is super easy and quick to put on. Opens completely, no need to drag poopy pants down little legs! Use the label to place baby perfectly centred in the swim nappy.

A combination of adjustable front snaps for an exact length in body rise, to perfectly fit a baby at any growth stage, leaving no red pressure marks on chubby legs.

Hook and loop waist closure ensures a prefect and exact waist measurement, without hundreds of snap stubs! Regardless of the baby’s tummy size. To test the fit insert a finger between the elastic and body to feel for tightness.

Laundry Tabs: Close the hook and loop tab before washing to stop lint build up.

Our water repellent fabric has no absorption therefore does not get water logged and heavy when wet and weigh the baby down giving your little swimmer a natural water experience.