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Picking the right swimwear for your little one can be difficult. There are a few important considerations when choosing their swimwear, and Tyoub is here to help make it that little bit easier.

Remember these three important elements of choosing your child’s swimwear.

1. Comfort

Swim sessions, no matter how fun, can make a tod grumpy if they’re wearing an ill-fitting swimsuit. Too-tight waistbands, crotches that ride up and give you a wedgie, and shoulder straps can cause rashes and unsightly red marks on kids’ sensitive skin. You might be drawn to cute designs and prints on a swimsuit, but learn to check the tags first to what the swimwear is made of. Nylon and polyester is often considered two of the most comfortable fabrics for swimsuits. Both materials are soft silky stretch fabrics, made for movement in water. Both are also colour fast and chlorine resistant so the prints stay brighter for longer.

For girls swimsuits, one should also consider the straps: are they adjustable, with a bra slider to lengthen and shorten over the shoulders. Is it a cross over the back, or can they be tied in a soft bow halter-style around the tod’s neck? The skinnier the ties are harder they are to un-knot, so straps may be a more suitable option. Are they more comfy in a two piece or one piece suits? For boys, consider purchasing trunks or board shorts in several lengths for different protection and coverage for activities in both beaches and pools. It’s also a good idea to have them change into fresh clothing in-between drying time of previously worn swimwear.

2. Diaper-Changing Ability

Keep in mind that certain toddlers in the process of potty training cannot express when they need the toilet, especially once they’re in the water. To avoid embarrassing occurrences, consider getting swimsuits with poppers at the crotch area or buttons for easier diaper changing. Our new Tyoub Zootie onesie has snaps in the inner leg seam for easy diaper changes in sizes 0, 1 and 2.

Toddler girls can do with two piece swimsuits because a one piece makes for harder manoeuvring. You may want to get your little girl a variety of swimsuit bottoms to go with a few tops, so that you always have a fresh supply of them whenever you need to change her nappy. Your little girl might find she prefers one piece suits once she has become fully potty trained. Boy toddlers can have a number of comfortable board shorts or swim trunks available every swimming session to go with ever diaper change. Our Tyoub reusable swim nappy is slim enough to be worn underneath board shorts and under our swim bloomers and baby bathers, all engineered to fit a nappy underneath.

3. Sun Protection Factor

There are swimsuits available which offer a great deal of sun protection in much the same way sunscreen does. There are also suits that provide buoyant panels stitched in to add flotation security for your child when swimming in the pool or at the beach. They are more expensive than regular swimsuits, but provide extra safety and peace of mind for parents.

Sun protection swimsuits work to provide optimal coverage for a toddler’s skin, especially the single piece varieties. These typically come with SPF 50 protective which great for tods’ sensitive skin. For the rest of the exposed parts including the arms, face, shoulders and legs, ensure you keep a good deal of sunscreen to beat the burn. A quality sunhat never goes astray, either.