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We here at Tyoub may bang on a bit about choosing sustainable clothing but trust us – it’s the way forward. As you get older, you realise the importance of choosing quality over quantity, especially when it comes to clothes. The quality pieces you buy for yourself last much longer than those from fast fashion brands.

The same should go for the clothes you buy for your little ones. What’s the point of purchasing cheap, poor quality garments for your kiddies when bubs are much more of a liability when it comes to clothing? You will only end up spending more as the years go by!

Tyoub, as one of Australia’s sustainable childrens swimwear labels, understands the importance of buying quality over quantity. With so much of childrens clothing ending up in landfill due to its poor production, it is vital for parents to start buying with quality first in mind.

So, with this in mind, here are five reasons why you should always choose quality over quantity when purchasing clothes for your bub.

Less Shopping

Obvious, but true. If you buy better quality clothing it will simply last longer. If your clothing lasts longer you won’t have to keep going out to replace it. This is especially so for young children. Quality clothing is perfect for parents who find shopping for kids clothes slightly, umm, frustrating. Even if you don’t mind kids shopping, you don’t want to have to keep looking for the same stuff over and over, this is all time that could be spent doing other fun things with your bub!

You Care More

Buying higher quality kids clothes does take a little more effort than buying a few scrappy pieces. This little extra effort means your purchases require more care and attention. This extra investment means you will take better care of your purchases once you make them. Taking care of your clothes, as well as your kid’s, provides a wholesome sense of satisfaction which is better than not caring about scrappy pieces.

It’s Sustainable

Choosing quality over quantity is one of the easiest ways to make a sustainable contribution to the environment. Purchasing less and ensuring what you buy will be more sustainable. Even you decide you don’t need the piece anymore, you can donate or resell the item for another family’s little one to enjoy.

You’ll Save Space

You don’t want your kid’s room to become a mess. This can be a real nuisance to rectify. By buying less, but quality, clothing pieces for your kids, you will ensure that there is less clutter and this makes a big difference when cleaning.

It’s An Act of Love

You love your bubs and want them to have the best. Plus, what adorable baby or tod doesn’t look even more so in nice clothes? Purchasing good quality clothes for your bub is an act of love even they are too young to truly appreciate it!