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So, you’re having a closet clean out. You have plenty of clothes that you don’t need anymore, and you’re ready to have a wardrobe revamp. Whilst you’re doing that, you’re probably considering what to do with the old, unwanted garments.

But before throwing them in the trash to become a part of landfill, why not consider giving them to your local op-shop? With so many awesome initiatives attributed to Australia’s oppies, there should be no reason to throw your old clothes in the bin.    

Tyoub, as a leading children’s sustainable swimwear label, believes in the importance of donating old garments. There are so many benefits to it, and Australia has one of the world’s best donation systems, with endless op-shops and charities all putting your unwanted clothes to awesome use.  

So, here are three reasons why you should give your old clothes to the op-shop and not the tip.

It’s Environmentally-Friendly

When you donate your old garments, you’re doing the environment a massive favour. It costs plenty of money to dispose of waste in the landfill, and clothing that sits in the tip releases toxic greenhouse gases including methane and carbon dioxide as they break down.

Finally, making new clothes uses gallons and gallons of water, with the production of new textiles accounting for 10 per cent of all carbon emissions on planet earth. All of this can be avoided if you simply donate some of your old clothes.

So, when donating your old garments, or even handing them down to younger family members, you are doing the environment a massive favour, even it might seem minuscule at the time.

It Helps Those In Need

Even though you don’t need your old clothes, it’s almost guaranteed that someone will. There are plenty of people in need of cheaper, reusable clothing. There are disaster victims, children in need and underprivileged people who could all benefit from donations, whether directly wearing the clothes or benefiting from the op-shops’s initiatives. When you throw away your old garments, they have no chance of getting to people who might really need them.

It’s Good for the Soul

When you help others out, you feel good about in the process. Although people may put this down to self-gratification, is there really something wrong with feeling good for helping others out? When you feel good, people around you feel, so what’s the problem?

Nearly 100 per cent of the textiles in your home be donated or recycled, regardless of the condition or quality. This means you don’t really have a reason not to donate your old pieces! It’s great for the environment, helps those in need and gives you good vibes in the process.

There are near-endless drop-off locations across Australian towns and cities just waiting to be filled with your old garments, and good karma will come your way for doing something so positive.