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Children need to fuel their busy days with nutritious foods, especially after a swim lesson where they would be using their brains as well as their bodies to learn! 

It is always a good idea to wash any fresh fruit and vegetables before giving them to children as this will rinse off any nasty chemicals, unless you are purchasing organic.   Remember the more colours you can entice them with the better – go for reds, greens, oranges, yellows and purples, these are fill of plant chemicals that boost their immune systems!

The trick is to stock up on staples so that you can be prepared when heading off to the pool, this saves time and saves money. 

Here are some healthy snack ideas for kids when they hop out of the pool.

  • Fruit cut up into bite size snacks.
  • Vegetables cut into bite size snacks.
  • Water bottle – swimming can really dehydrate little ones so make sure they are rehydrating.
  • Home-made Nutri-grain bars #mywholefoodlife – these can be made and kept in the fridge for a couple of weeks, or, you can freeze them!
  • Dehydrated fruit/vegetable puree roles.
  • Lime and Coconut Bliss Balls #wholesomechild – these are a real treat and are full of protein, minerals and fibre.
Keep your little swim champions full nutritious foods and they will stay healthy and happy.