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It's the end of Summer but the temperatures are soaring! Every swimming pool, beach and paddle pool is being used to cool down and splash around. Saturday mornings in many households are swimming lesson mornings. It's recommended that swimming lessons are a part of weekly routines from infancy to preschool and beyond.  In the early years its best to attend more often, e.g. every week is best and in the summer months this may increase. 

So…. if you take your bub to swim lessons once a week for 6 months that’s approximately 24 disposable swim diapers.  Say you go on holiday during this time and you purchase a pack of disposable swim diapers for 1 week away.  The sun is shining and you are in and out of the pool with your baby – fun times! You may use 1-2 disposable diapers a day which would add another 14 to the equation.  That’s around $50.00 for disposable swim diapers – conservatively!  You will need to purchase up a size as your baby grows, with Tyoub reusable swim nappy you buy just the one! Yes, only one! One size fits most from 3 months to 3 years old.

Not all swim nappies are created equal. But all swim schools insists on babies wearing a swim diaper. Pull on swim diapers (disposable and reusable trunks) poorly fitted don’t seal around the waist and legs, thus not containing solids if this should happen unexpectedly in the pool.  There is plenty of movement in the pool with bubs kicking and playing so the diaper needs to be a snug fit and this is where Tyoub swim nappies really are outstanding, with excellent super fold over elastic all the way around.

Each time a baby gets into a swimming pool they will need to be wearing a diaper to avoid the ‘aquatic log’ situation.  This diaper is then thrown out and finds its way into landfill, by using a Tyoub reusable nappy you reduce your contribution to non-biodegradable landfill for a cleaner, safer tomorrow.