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Spending Christmas in a hot climate means that bathers are on your holiday shopping list, and there’s a good reason why. With the weather warming up and the days spent relaxing beside the pool or playing on the beach, swimwear is the perfect gift for the little ones in your life.

There are so many toys and gifts for toddlers to choose from these days, but there is no substitute for being active and playing in the water to create the best holiday memories.

The holidays are about spending time together, sharing a special meal with friends and family, and celebrating the abundance that we have in our lives. The look of delight on our children’s faces as they wake extra early and race to unwrap their presents and nibble on their favourite holiday treat, or the left-over carrot from Rudolf. The smell of the barbecue or the Christmas roast, that draws everyone to the table, and the chilled glass of white wine for mum.

The spirit of Christmas should be in all our planning and purchasing decisions this year. We as parents and carers are responsible for setting an example for our children of thoughtfulness in where and how we shop. What gift we choose place beneath the Christmas tree and what we serve on the Christmas table.

By following our values at Tyoub, we have reduced the number of presents we buy with a Secret Santa. Choosing gifts that are reusable and of good quality, that are designed with purpose and made for longevity.

Buying locally made and designed items, will not only sustain our local businesses and much loved high streets but will reduce the carbon footprint for a greener Christmas. By re-thinking our reason to buy this holiday season we choose our economic and environmental future.

‘tis the season to buy bathers, make merry and spread cheer around your home. From Christmas cakes that are 100% Aussie fruit to Melbourne made togs for sprogs. Summer time for those in the Southern Hemisphere is synonymous with Christmas, and sometimes eating lunch in our bathers.