Hevea Kawan Rubber Duck Marshmallow White

Hevea Natural Rubber Kawan Duck Mini - Marshmallow White.

Don’t worry if you have skipped your swimming lesson. Splash in the bath with this cute little duck friend. Remember to rinse and dry your friend after every bath. Hand-painted to perfection with natural pigments. Soft to touch and squeeze and master their grip. The beak and feet feature a patterned texture suitable for soothing itchy and irritated gums. 

  • 100% natural rubber duck for bath time. BPA, phythalate and PVC free.
  • Suitable for new borns and up.
  • Textured beak and feet.
  • Hand-painted with plant based pigments.
  • Does not squirt or make a squeaky noise.
  • One piece design, void of cracks and holes
  • About 12cm tall

The story of the farmers son and the boy

“On a visit to our Malaysian factory and plantation, I noticed some beautiful white ducks. The farmer’s son had been friends with one of the ducks since he was a baby and now, both 7 years old, they played together, the duck even followed him to school.
The name Kawan, meaning ‘friend’ in Malay, is a nod to the farmer’s son and his web-footed schoolfriend. And so, the story of our white duck was born.” – Terese, HEVEA founder

Care instructions:
Do not rip toy apart and check daily or before use that the bathing toys are in good condition. This is done by pulling the various parts of the toy and checking it is still in good condition. If there are splits or changes in the toy it should be discarded. Hevea duck is made of 100% natural rubber which can darken in colour as the time goes by. Very few children are allergic to natural rubber however watch out for any allergic reactions and stop any use if an allergic reaction should occur because of using the toy.

The bathing toys should be cleaned by hand, do not wash in a dishwasher. For a more natural approach to cleaning your bath toys, use vinegar. Mix 4 parts white vinegar to 1 part warm water. Submerge the toys completely or apply the solution to each toy with a sponge.
The bathing toys should be kept in a clean dry place, out of direct sunlight or contact with a source of direct heat in order to last longer.