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Modern nappies are reusable, washable garments made from materials with water repelling or absorbing fabrics such as bamboo or hemp (just to name a couple).

They’re shaped the same as a disposable, fasten with either press studs or velcro around the waste and contain elastic in the leg areas to contain messes.

But, what are the benefits of using reusable nappies? Well, here are five.

1. Save On Nappy Costs

Newborn babies need about five to eight nappies daily, meaning a pack of disposable nappies will only last around a week. On average, you will spend around $25 a week on disposable nappies. In one year you you will find yourself spending thousands on nappies.

As the average child becomes toilet trained around 2-3 years old, the amount you spend on disposable nappies will just keep going up as they grow and learn. So, by using reusable, sustainable nappies, you are saving thousands on the cost of nappies.

2. Simple to Use

Modern nappies come in a variety of styles but they are basically the same shape as a regular disposable nappy. They have either velcro or press stud-closing tops with no safety pins required.

They can be ‘sized’ (newborn through toddler) or can have a one-size-fits-most situation. Some come all in one with absorbent layers included in the nappy or you can even easily add boosters.

Once a washing routine is established, they are simple to clean. Breasted baby’s poo washes right out in one cycle. Once the baby is on solids you flick the poos of into the toilet, use disposable liners or spray.

3. They Are Sustainable

Modern nappies are much better for the environment. Disposables can take 200-300 years to complete decompose in landfill, with the average baby contributing a massive 700kg of used nappies to the tip.

Some people argue that the extra electricity and water used to wash cloth nappies increases their environment impact. However, the amount of water and electricity used to wash reusables is much less than what is used to produce disposable nappies.

Tyoub Reusable Swim Nappies are made from a lightweight material, they are water-safe and food grade safe. Made from rPET recycled fabrics the outer layer is made from post consumer recycled plastics, such as diverted single use plastic shopping bags and plastic packaging. This is an achievement that we are very proud of.

4. Better for Your Bub

Modern nappies reduce expose to numerous harmful chemicals found in disposable nappies. These chemicals can influence unwanted rashes that are extremely uncomfortable for bubs. It is also reported that cloth nappies help prevent nappy rash and assist in infant toilet training.

5. They Are Adorable!

Tyoub has an adorable collection of reusable swim nappies available for bubs and tods of all sizes. Our collection has been produced using super comfortable, sustainable fabrics and are made to be easily cleaned in the wash.

Simply browse our wonderful collection of baby swim nappies to find the colour your bub loves the most. We know your bub will love swimming in our ultra-comfortable and safe swim nappies, and you will have a much easier time cleaning these than the constant re-applying of disposable nappies.